Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! It was a great day here. We slept late and skipped church, but A was up late last night and I knew she would be tonight to. The we headed for brunch at the Grand and came home and relaxed for a bit before getting ready for the Halloween festivities.

A had decided to be a ghoast and she wanted her face painted.
I made her costume, but she was not to happy with it once on. Which definitly dissapointed me. We struggled through that a bit until she finally decided it was ok and she would wear it to the carnival.

There were tons of games for the kids. The carnival was so well set up and the teens working it were so great. It was packed and definitly a hit. I can't wait for next year!

The fishing prize LOL

Oh my...this one was a hit. Bite the apple, but no hands...A resorted to flat out licking the apple which had everyone around laughing hysterically and snapping pics.

Tired from the festivities we headed home.

We picked up a pizza and when we got home DH has to go to the airport and pick up the Life Flight crew and take them to the clinic. Apparently someone needed to be medivaced out of here. The trick-or-treaters were out. But I think A is still a little young to go door to door and she had gotten plenty of goodies at the carnival. As our house is way at the top of a hill with not many others, most of the trick-or-treaters stayed down below. The houses at the bottom of the mountain were swamped, but we only had 3 teenagers who braved the sleet and wind that had started.

Happy Halloween to all!


Joyful Learner said…
How can I miss this post? I love her costume and it reminds me of Charlie Brown's episode where everyone gets dressed as a ghost. JC likes to play the role of Charlie Brown and says, "I got a rock" in a serious tone which gets some parents to smile/laugh. I can't believe Ansley kept her costume on the entire time! Most kids would hate to have anything on their head! Looks like you all had a blast.