Driftwood decorating...AHHH wonderful creativity

So, whats abundant, free, and lots of fun to create and decorate here...... DRIFTWOOD! LOL. And boy have I been busy. My plain jane entryway wall has been transformed!

I would like to thank my husband for carry the 30lb piece of driftwood sculpture I found yesterday covered in seaweed, up the mountain and to the car. It really completed the arrangement.

I am loving the ease of driftwood picture frames, with photos I have taken of our life here printed with an antique effect.

I spent last night changing a piece of driftwood I found into a piece of art for over our bed.

And I fell in love with this piece. It had an amazing patina of black and purple. I have put this piece in the guest room, although that room is not finished yet. I am not sure what it is missing, but it will come to me LOL.

Ahh....a fun creative weekend. I have missed painting and art. Next step...Driftwood sunburst and to order some canvas so I can paint once again.


Colleen said…
These are such wonderful and creative ideas! I really enjoyed reading about them and seeing them! A couple of questions, where do you order your canvasses from what sorts of paint do you use? Thanks.:)