Play-Doh Halloween Party

Well it all started with an add for a monster making model clay kit in Disney Family Magazine last Friday. We don't have a walmart and can't run out and get modeling clay (I would have to order it) So we improvised. I pulled out the play-doh and we started building characters.

At first we made a ghost, bat, and pumpkin....looking at the pictures in the ad, A was able to do a pretty good job of figuring out what shapes made up the characters.
Here are 3 of mine

And A's 3. Got to love the hair she put on the jack-o-lantern LOL
"Hey mom, you make a know a cake with icing and put a jack-o-lantern on top and pass it over here. The characters are going to have a party. A Halloween Party!"
She proceeded to make a table and chairs for everyone.
And then decided a spider should join the party.
Intently figuring out which other characters should be invited to the party. LOL

Yep, A big pink monster, although I have to say she was concerned there might not be enough cake LOL.
The part probably lasted an hour, and we had to leave it out till daddy got home from work. I love her imagination. The conversations between the characters were a hoot!