Running on lack of sleep

Well, first and update....last night she slept great...well for her anyway LOL. She woke up a few times and I laid down with her as I always do, but she was able to go back to sleep. I am praying stays like that, but thank you all for the suggestions.

Okay on to this week and the end of last. Neither of us have been in the best of moods due to lack of sleep and we have been pushing each other buttons, so we haven't been doing much that involves A having to focus or concentrate. Just art, games, cookies, a lot of reading and some science thrown in.

Here she is after having made Cain and Able. That was our bible story last week.

We have played on the computer.... We made cookies.....

Have been reading a lot about Egypt, so did a mummy maze....

We did an experiment of looking at hair through exploring bubbles. A explained to daddy when he got home that air is a gas, has no shape, color, or size and takes the shape of its container, but that you know it is there even though you can't see it because you can feel it (when you blow out or the wind blows she told me earlier) and you can see it fill up things like balloons, bubbles, and balls. She drew her observations and then wrote on the back "This is my Observations" With me helping with spelling of observation.

Oh and for my mom- a pic of A's hair braided

Hoping we can get caught up on sleep and back on schedule and have a much easier time :)