Dino Place Value and...RightStart came!

I found this game on Amazon...one of the few places that I can get decent shipping to up her with. Amazon's free Super Saver shipping will work here! Yea!!! Happy Dance LOL. Anyway, other stores will charge $50 or more to ship something like this here, if they will at all.

So this came in Friday and A immediately wanted to play it. So we broke it out after dinner and she struggled a bit. I know she knows place value to the thousands, and how to read 4 digit numbers but I think following new instructions, figuring out which dino to move, etc was all a little to much at one time. She did get better with it at the end.

Today she pulled out the game and asked to play again, so this time I decided that we would only do 3 digit numbers, and she was MUCH better. She flew through reading the triple digit numbers and then moving her hundreds dino, tens dino, and ones dino the appropriate places.

I really like this game because, well it does allow you to simplify as I did today, but it also has 4 modes of play, including ones that involve place value and addition, subtraction, and place value and solving word problems including multiplication. So it is a game that can really grow with her. She has already asked if we can play it again tomorrow.

And of course she loved playing with the dinos after the game. They were all hungry from there long journey LOL.
On another math note....Our RightStart Math Program came in the mail today! We are so excited!!!!!! I can't wait to start this with her. A helped me open the box and took a look at all the manipulatives. I think this will be a really good fit for us. I have been looking for and researching math curriculum for oh probably over a year now. Seriously...I just couldn't decide...but I finally took the plunge and ordered the one I just kept coming back to.

Can't wait to start!!!
Well off to bed....we mummified and apple today, so I will try to get pics of part one of that experiment up tomorrow. Tonight I was working on one of A's homemade Christmas presents.


Joyful Learner said…
I might have to put that on our Christmas list for JC. She loves dinosaurs and we will be doing place value at some point.
Karin said…
Thanks for the info on the puzzle! I will definitely look for it.

Hope you enjoy RS! I also looked at it for my big girl but decided on a Singapore/Horizons Math combo - which is working very well.
We have that game, but it must be an older version. I love games for helping kids learn.