On this Halloween Eve

We woke up to sleet, snow, dipping dots ice...yep...I am not sure what the kind of precipitation we have here is called, and neither is anyone else...but everyone on this island says it is nothing they have seen anywhere else. It is not sleet, not snow, not hail.... I had a friend describe it perfectly. It looks like dippin dots (the frozen ball ice cream you can get at malls across the US LOL) White dippin dots falling from the sky. LOL. And lots of it. This morning it was coming down so fast that our windows were completely covered. This afternoon we braved the weather and headed out to a playdate. I think both the girls had a great time. Made edible bracelets, and decorated cookies, and just played...Decorating cookies was a blast. The girls had so much fun, and well a sugar high followed of course LOL.
When we got home I let A figure out how she wanted her jack-o-lantern face to be. I cut our many different shapes and let her fool around with them for awhile until she said..."yep, that's the face I want!" Then a nice dinner of Lamb Chops complements of my wonderful husband.

Followed by.........PUMPKIN CARVING! Yea!!!!

Hands in. Lets get messy!

And I quickly found out I am allergic to pumpkin innards LOL. Yep. I welted up and itched horribly. Had to pop 2 benydrl. Nice huh? LOL. The same reaction I had as a child when I decorated a live Christmas tree. Guess it is a good thing I finally found an artificial tree that would ship to the Alaskan Bush now!

Then, onto roasting pumpkin seeds. A thought I was nuts baking the pumpkin seeds....until she tasted them LOL. She's hooked.

The finished product.

Ready to come out of the oven. The we tossed one batch in garlic seasoning and one in cinnamon sugar. YUMM!

We headed to bed and A read to us "The Teeny Tiny Ghoast". She went to bed dreaming of candy LOL.

A fun busy day tomorrow so I better head to bed! Night yall....and Happy Halloween!!!!!


Traci66 said…
What a fun-filled day. Happy Halloween. I love your pictures. Kissin' the pumpkin is too cute
Crayon Couture said…
Amanda! Thanks so much for following my blog! I just read through your bio and find your daughters educational milestones AMAZING! Even more ironic, I was born and raised in Anchorage, and moved to FL a mere 3 years ago. Unalaska is a far cry from the big city, but we share the ♥ for the amazing state. Look forward to reading your blog and keepin' up with your amazing family! Happy Halloween.
Anonymous said…
Hi Amanda! Thanks for becoming my follower! I am your new follower as well. You look like you lead an exciting, adventerous life! Your daughter is darling!

Unknown said…
Wow. What a crazy exciting life for you!! What a beautiful and blessed child you have. I can't wait to read more. You are on my permanent list of blogs to keep up with. Following you back. Hope you have a great Halloween with the little one.
God Bless,
Tonya Gunn said…
Oh so much fun that they will surely remember. Hope you had a great day today.
Warm wishes, Tonya