My kind of blog hop LOL


I am just enjoying a quiet evening. A went down easily after having a massive sugar high from the Halloween Box MeMom and PopPop sent here LOL. I finished sewing her ghost costume, and DH is already asleep. I should be working on Christmas Presents but instead I am reading blogs. I found this awesome Blog Hop. And It is so simple, you don't do anything other than read people's blogs, and tonight that sounded like a great thing to do since I actually have some time to find some more blogs to enjoy. So if you are interested. Head on over to Design it Chic blog and find some new friends :)

Today was icky weather overall. A ton of Sleet and Snow squalls moved in. We had sleet/snow pile blown up against the front door about 14 inches tall. The wind up on our mountain was whipping at close to 60 mph at time, so we had a fun day of just playing, reading, library and grocery shopping and tomorrow we have a playdate and are making cookies. I am not sure what we are doing Sunday for Halloween as the town has several things going on for kids A's age. But I know she will have fun. Off to read blogs. Goodnight everyone.


Rachel said…
Stopping by to say hi and thanks for following. I will definitely return the favor. What an interesting place to live, and your daughter sounds amazing!