The Real Cost of Living

The Real Cost of Living in the Alaskan Bush....our prices are definitely not as high as a lot of other bush towns and we have a fairly good selection. I shop Safeway for everything basically except produce. Alaska Ship Supply is definitely less expensive by several dollars a pound on produce. So I always head over there after Safeway and do all the shopping for fresh fruits and Veggies. They have a walk-in cooler the produce is in. The things that really are shocking coming from the lower 48 is the price of meat....check out the price of the Roast I bought and the Ground Beef. The cost of Soda is also sky high, and we have really cut down our diet coke habit in this house. we used to buy it at 3 for $12 or less, but here one 12 pack costs $8+.

Here is a pic of the main grocery store.....Notice the parking lot with pot holes big enough to swallow a car LOL.

Brachs Candy Corn- med size bag- $2.50
Diet Root Beer- Safe way brand 12 pack- $4.89
All Purpose Flour- Largest Bag Safeway brand $4.79
Canned Yams- Large Can- $4.85
Francesco Spaghetti Sauce- 24oz jar- $3.09
Safeway Brand Strawberry Yogurt individual cup size- $.79
Butter- 4 sticks- $4.59
Safeway Brand Organic Milk 2%- 1/2 gallon- $3.79
Safeway Brand Frozen Chicken Nuggets- 2lbs- $6.49
Beef Top Round Roast- 4.74lbs- $27.44
Ground Round- 4.44lbs- $19.05

Alaska Ship

Red Plums- $1.69 lb
Small Bag baby Carrots- $2.18
Red Potatos- $1.20 lb
Cucumbers- $1.91 lb
Cauliflower- $2.76 lb
Anjou Pears- $1.73lb
Red Grapes- $3.99lb
Nabisco Multi Grain Wheat Thins- $4.82
Real Mayo, middle size jar- $7.72
12 pack Diet Coke- $8.04

Here's a pic of the produce cooler.

Just though I would satisfy some curosity :)

Everybody have a great weekend!