I love to cook. For me it is a creative process. I love seeing something come together from nothing. My soul is soothed as I prepare nourishing meals for my family and friends. On this blog I share many of my favorite recopies and I would love for you to try them.

I have also started an adventure learning new ways to prepare fish. Fish, fish, and more fish...that is what fills my freezers and graces our dinner table 3-4 days a week. Subsistence living on salmon, cod, sea bass, halibut, and rock fish has never been so tasty!

Our Favorites
Coconut Cranberry Granola
Chicken Enchiladas with sour cream sauce
Sausage Balls
Pasta Fajoli Soup
Tundra Muffins
Lingonberry Apple Pie with Vanilla Vodka Crust
Blueberry Lemon Cake
Maple Apple Cake

101 Ways to Cook Fish
Join me on my quest to find 101 unique ways to serve fish. Subsistence living on salmon, cod, sea bass, halibut, and rock fish has never been so tasty!

1.Salmon Turnovers
2.Zesty Tomato Cod
3.Salmon with Mustard and Brown Sugar Glaze
4.Salmon and Artichoke Flat-breads
5.Coconut Crusted Halibut
6.Tomato and Thyme Cod
7.Super Easy Salmon Noodle Casserole
8.Amazing Halibut Enchiladas
9.Prosciutto-Apple Wrapped Salmon with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
10.Halibut alla Milanese 
11.Salmon with Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
12.Salmon Corn Chowder
13.Herbbed Cod
14.Teriyaki Halibut
15.Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon
16.Orange/Coconut Glazed Salmon with Peach Salsa
17.Mexican Style Cod
18.Simple Honey Glazed Salmon
19,Sea Bass and Red Curry Noodles
20,Blueberry Barbequed Salmon
21.Sweet and Spicy Peach Glazed Halibut
22.Halibut in a Lemon Butter Caper Sauce
23.Black Sea Bass with a White Wine, Orange-Mango Reduction
24.Halibut and Chorizo Stew
25.Island Style Salmon Burrito Bowl
26.Smoked Salmon Crab Cakes
27.Halibut with a Citrusy Tomato Caper Sauce
28.Honey Walnut Crusted Salmon
29.Halibut Caprese
30.Maple Glazed Salmon
31.Shrimp Etouffe Smothered Alaskan Salmon
32.Alaskan Cranberry Salmon