Having Fun

I thought I would post some pics from this weekend while A and Dad are in the other room watching a Documentary on The Revolutionary War. She is enraptured.

On Friday A pulled out some brown packing paper that was from an amazon package and she made an outfit for Dad using her scissors and tape. She did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. LOL

So without further ado....her is dad's new overalls LOL.

And...Puzzles....and more puzzles. She did her US puzzle and every other word was "one day I can go to Iowa" or "one day I will got to Hawaii. It is hot there with lots of trees, and I will need to bring water when I go because I will probably sweat a lot" LOL. It was so cute listening to her.

She finished up her unit of Gasses. Its just amazing to me to see how much she loves science.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! I mean one of the most gorgeous days since we have been here. So after DH went in the office to do a little work, we all headed out to Summers Bay to hike, and find treasures.

Snapped a pic of this majestic creature!

As a testament to how cold the Bering Sea is....we found kelp pods washed up on the beach that were frozen solid and covered in ice. A tried to balance on them, but found them much to slippery.

We joined the PCR this week (Parks Culture and Recreation). So on Saturday we headed to the PCR to swim. It was packed. I swear every kid in Unalaska was there. A had such a good time.

Ahh! Nana sent craft supplies!!!! It's amazing how much she fit in a medium priority flat rate box! Love my mama!!!!!

Alright....off to work on some more Christmas presents for A...stay tuned for a post on my Homemade Christmas and No Money Christmas Quest :) I have been busy.


Karin said…
Where did you find the USA puzzle? It looks like something my small girl would enjoy!
Amanda said…
Karin- I got it last Christmas off Amazon I believe. It is a Melissa and Doug Talking Puzzle. When you put in a state piece it will say the name of the state and the capital. Ansley loves it.