What we did before the wind and sleet LOL

Oh what a week. It has not stopped raining/sleeting/blowing snow for 5 days straight. So needless to say we have been inside. That coupled with the fact that Dh has not felt well...apparently caught a virus...they even tested him for mono when he saw the doc today (he didn't have it thankfully) but he did get some meds so hopefully soon he will be feeling up to snuff. He has been going in to work, and working from home here, but it has messed our routine to no end, and that coupled with the stir crazy we are going here, has equaled and needy, clingy, hyper hyper child and an exhausted, overwhelmed, headache prone mama.

We have been busy trying to keep some semblance of a routine to our days and keep homeschooling, learning, and creating inside. I will post lots of pics of our inside week tomorrow hopefully. But for now, let me leave you with the fun we were having before the fall weather sat in.

We had a fire, cooked out, and just enjoyed the simple pleasures. A pulled out her maze book that she hadn't done in forever and dove right back into it...but mentioned they are to easy now and that she would like me to get her some harder mazes to work on. It was a beautiful day, and the fireweed was in full bloom. I need to post pics, but this is the flower that I used to make fireweed jelly and fireweed honey. YUMM

The foxes are back! After a break this summer where we saw very few of these beloved animals, they are showing themselves again. This guy was BEAUTIFUL! All black with a white tail.

We also have done quite a bit of fishing lately. My freezer is happy :)

But my favorite part of it all is being out there..... in this!

Yep, those are pink salmon....thousands of them making there way up stream to span.


Cleaning the fish when we got home.

A caught 2 of her own, and was ever so proud!

It had been so nice, but all good things come to and end and well Fall is rearing its head. I pray for a few more nice days before it sets in for good.