It's midnight, what are you up to?

Sitting here at almost midnight, A is sleeping, and Dh just left to go pick up a provider (our neighbor) who's clinic car just broke down while she was on call, drop her off at the clinic so she can handle the emergency, and then tow her car. It is now officially Oct, and it is SNOWING outside. Flurries, but still, it is snow! Winter is almost here!

It was a good day today. A and I had a lot of fun. We learned a lot, played a lot, and had dinner and watched a movie with friends. Tomorrow we are helping our neighbors unload their container.

One thing not many people consider is how your things actually get to you when you move to an island in the middle of the Bering Sea. Well, typically you pack them, and your car, into a big 40 foot 18 wheeler type container and it gets shipped by truck or train to Seattle, where it is loaded on a BIG boat and takes a week to make it up here to the port of Dutch Harbor.

Well our neighbors container came in tonight and should be here at 9 am. So we will all be up early helping them get settled in their house. Should be fun, as long as we can all get some sleep tonight. We shall see. :)