Half bithday and blueberry smiles!

My precious girl is 4 and a half! Definitely something to celebrate. I am thankful everyday for the joy and life she brings to our family. Saturday was wonderful even with dad feeling a bit under the weather. Look at that smile! Priceless. Autumn is by far my favorite time of year. I love the color change, and even though we severely lack trees here, I enjoying watching the tundra change to shades of brilliant scarlet, rust, and gold. Although, A and I both lament the lack of trees this time of years, the smell of the dried, earthy leaves raked into piles, the crunch under our feet, and of course the sheer joy of diving into piles upon piles of golden color. But, we are happy here and enjoy what we have, which right now is...blueberries! So we went blueberry picking of course! And found an abundance in our backyard, even though this year there are less, so very much less, on the bushes then last year. I have heard it is because we had such a mild winter. Guess we will just have to work harder to match the 120 cups I put up last fall :)

She just makes me smile, Every moment of every day!