Autumn Fairy- Our Autumn Nature Table

Here's a pick of our nature table, or nature shelf I guess I should say as it is a part of our book shelf. We have been incorporating more Waldorf ideals into our homeschool and life. While I love Waldorf, A needs much more academic stimulation then they give in the early years, and I feel the need to follow her lead and let her take the reigns, but I love the simplicity, beauty, and harmony of the Waldorf rhythms so we add those to our home and smile.Autumn fairy, bringing in the swift crisp breezes that usher in the changing colors. A and I made here the other day. She was so simple that we plan on making more, but of course I can't run to the store and quickly pick up more wooden beads and embroidery floss, so I ordered them from amazon. They should be here next week . We used beach stones to make her house.We need to take a hike out into the tundra for some sprigs of the gorgeous fire red fireweed leaves to add next week. Autumn fairy joins us every morning for our circle time. Her colors make me smile on these cold wet days.