Applesauce and rainbows

Last week was rainy...all week. We were cooped up for 6 days. It was tough, and dh being sick and at home for a good deal of the week made it worse. Luckily today the sun was shining, and after a scare where we headed to the doctor, (all is fine, apparently it was a bug bite, but A woke up this morning to her ear being swollen to triple its normal size and I panicked), we spent the day at the beach collecting sea glass and then went berry picking.

But anyway, last week we made the best of the rain and made applesauce. A had been asking for weeks. And while apples are expensive here...oh man, so expensive, we bought a ton and made amazing homemade applesauce.

And in the meantime, we found a moldy lemon in the back of the fridge (yes, I am a horrible fridge cleaner-outer) and we of course had to investigate :)

Back to applesauce time :)

Our kitchen became play land central. A was the mom to 8 kids and 6 pets. She spent hours setting everything up, playing, and having fun. I love moments like this.

And at the end of it all....



Karin said…
We only make applesauce homemade too! We usually put it in the crock pot to soften (from the Betty Crocker cookbook!)!
Megan said…
i miss alaska :-( what a beautiful pic. and the little one has great chopping form.
Amanda said…
Karen- if only they weren't so expensive here. It cost us as much to make 2 jars as it does to buy 5 or so here. It was delicious.

Freedom Three- Thank you. Where in Alaska di you live?