Fall, friends, and deals!

Fall is here! Today snow was on the top of some of the mountains and just a bit at the top of Pyramid. I was looking back on my pictures from last year and the first dusting on the ground here, termination snow, was Sept. 30. Hmm wonder when it will be this year?

It was a fun weekend here. Berry picking, football watching, dinner with friends and neighbors. But even better I scored some awesome deals! Meat here is SUPER expensive compared to the lower 48. I try to always buy the large value packs as they are less expensive and break them up and freeze them. Even with the value packs, ground beef is $5.99 a pound here! Yes crazy! Well the local grocery store was running a buy one get one sale on some of the meat this weekend and I stocked up. But better that just buy one get one, I had 2 $10 off coupons. So I ended up picking up $90 of meat for $25! I picked up ground beef and pork chops during this outing.My freezer is stocked. Now it containes 12 lbs of ground beef, Lots of pork chops, several beef roasts, chicken, frozen veggies, and berries along with now 7 cartons of ice cream yummy goodness. Ice cream here is normal $7.99 here, but this weekend it was on sale for $3.99. Oh my! I filled the freezer with yummy flavors....smores, triple fudge, cookie dough, vanilla, oh and did I mention smores....yes lots of containers of smores! LOL. I have been banned from foraging more blueberries since the freezer is full, but if I can get a decent day in the next few, I am going out again and can some instead of freezing them. Dh can't say anything about that :) I have also been stocking up on cranberries. They are perfectly ripe at this moment! So tasty. I LOVE foraging and sustenance living. I just wish there was game to hunt here, but fish, crabs, berries all are wondrous of the land we live.

Then I headed the the annual PCR community garage sale and I scored! Well, I guess I should say A did since everything I picked up was for her. She has been asking for a microscope for FOREVER and amazingly sitting on a table right when we walked in there was a complete microscope set, slides, everything I could ask for! At that table we picked up the microscope set, a game, legos and a lego mosaic set....all for the grand total of $32! We also picked up 2 new DVDs, a large melissa and doug floor puzzle, a hair bow, and The Tale of Despiro novel.

One thing I love about living here is how you end up knowing everyone and when the town has an event, EVERY SINGLE PERSON comes out. It really is a fun atmosphere.

This weekend was great, and I am hoping this week goes well all around. My husband will be getting a new boss next week, so I know that is weighing on his mind. So I pray the transition goes well for all involved. A is finally sleeping through the night. This has never happened before in her entire 4 years. I have actually been able to sleep in our bed with DH from night to morning, and i have missed it. This week We will be easing into fall and the more simplified rhythms that go along with that. More baking, warm teas, inside games, and snuggles deep under the blankets while reading books. My anxiety seems to be releasing and helping me move into this softer time of year. And I am thankful for that.

Ahh! Fall , A time to breath, relax, and slow down. Pics of all my neat scores to come later this week :)

Good night a11!