Science work

Just thought I would post some pics of our school day today. We spent a bunch of time on science. We are working on photosynthesis, and exploring why leaves would change colors in the fall, more in depth then the discussions we have had in previous years. We are also talking about Kingdom, Phylum, and Classes and A spent some time categorizing animals.

We looked at leaves in different stages of changing colors, and were actually able to see the small holes in the plants leaves that allow carbon dioxide in. We also could see the actual chlorophyll in one of the leaves. Pretty good microscope we picked up.


Anonymous said…
I found your blog through Finnskimo's comments. I was initially curious as I have a daughter named AINsley, so when I saw the title of your blog, I thought I would check it out (my daughter was 4 in June, so it looks like they are close in age). Anyway, as I am looking around on your blog, my phone rings and the caller ID says "Onalaska", which is sooooo close to Unalaska that I completely freaked for a second and thought "omg...can she SEE that I am on her blog? Does she have some super duper tracking software and she's calling me for some reason?!?!". Turns out it was someone calling from Onalaska, TX for a political donation...haha! The timing was incredible though! I live in hot, sweltering Houston, so I love reading about places like Alaska!!!

Amanda said…

That is funny! Yep I'm a super spy LMAO! I love reading about all different kind of places. I grew up in Louisiana, about 30 mins from the Texas/Arkansas boarder so I know about HEAT! LOL. My mom still lives there and visits us here twice a year and we go there once a year.
Yep- our girls are about the same age. Ansley turned 4 in March. Hope you visit my blog again. :) Thanks for commenting!