What next?

Our rhythm has been all off the last 2 weeks. I need my family all healthy at the same time please! So remember the swollen ear yesterday? Well it is much better today, just slightly swollen and red on the top. Yesterday you couldn't even see the folds of her ear. Today, much better....see...But we woke up this morning with the ear better but now with a swollen eye. This pic is from this afternoon after 3 doses of bynadryl, a trip to the doc, and some zyrtec. It is much better in this pic then it was, this morning her eye was little more than a slit. But it is so swollen and red still.The pictures don't show it to its full extent. I am hoping tomorrow it will be better.
I immediately assumed allergies and really didn't want to go in again after going in yesterday,but when bynadryl doses did not seem to help, I called my mom and she suggested trying a different medicine. On the way to the store, A told me she really would rather see the doctor and make sure she was okay. Got to love my child. She basically begged so I gave in an we stooped by DH's office. His boss was at DH's desk when we came in and agreed. So we headed downstairs and signed in. Becca wasn't on walk ins but took A anyway, which was so sweet. She agreed, probably allergies. But she thoroughly checked her eye out. She was scratched next to this eye yesterday while berry picking, and my thought is that she reacts like her mama. I can not have a live Christmas tree because my hands hive while decorating it...an allergic reaction to the sap. Maybe A suffers the same. If it's not better tomorrow they will start on an antibiotic and assume infection as she was also running a low grade fever at the clinic.
Alright life, I would like everyone well, healthy, and to have my routine back please! Thank you! LOL