Catching Up

Hi all. I haven't posted much in the last two weeks, but I promise to be back to regularly scheduled programming too. I have been feeling anxious lately....not sure why...I think my normal anxiety and OCD may be raising its head. Hoping that it settles down soon.

Anyway, on to A. Besides being a pill the last 2 days, she has been doing great. Reading everything in sight, and exploring more and more addition all into her head. Yesterday I told her she had 5 more minutes of playing with playdoh and she told me "That's 3 mins and 2 mins because 3 and 2 is 5" She rattled off 5 addition facts to MeMom on the phone the other day. Oh and while watching the credits for Fox and the Hound the Tuesday while was in the restroom, she reads them and says "Mom, who is Ron Miller?" I say "Well he probably is one of the people who made the movie"....her response just cracked me up... "Well Ron Miller must have a very detailed imagination because this is a very detailed and good movie" LOL I really don't know how I keep up.

The major downside of this gifted thing is that her logic has been taking hold and I have a feeling the belief in Santa is going away soon. I don't want this. I want , really really want her to have the magic of childhood, so I have been trying to bring in some Waldorf inspired ideas. Now I love the beauty of the Waldorf methods, the ideas, fantasies, the beauty of nature, but my biggest hangup with it is the delayed academics. Which just won't fly with A because, well frankly she demands it. She asks for it, begs for it, and will learn it even if I don't teach her. Last night she begged me to teach her how to spell orthopedic surgeon.... (OK you may be wondering how this even came about, but on Monday we had a doctor that works with DH and her boyfriend over for dinner, and I was warning that if you wanted to say anything not appropriate for little ears DON'T try spelling it because she can spell....They asked A what she wanted to be when she grew up. Instead of just saying othopedic surgeon....A tried to spell it "O R T H" and the got stuck and said U. So Tuesday she asked me to please teach her how to spell it. So today I did. And she wrote it all out several times herself and was so proud of to show it to DH when he got home from work today.....anyway So clearly the delayed academics does not work for her. But the beauty and fantasy aspects I am trying to incorporate more of so that the magic of childhood is not lost on her. I don't want my 3 year old to be so completely logical that she doesn't believe in Santa and fairies, the Easter bunny, etc. I may be fighting a losing battle, but I am going to try.

We created a beautiful nature table today, and have been talking about fairies, and Santa and man I have been pushing it. Right now she seems into it....but I wonder if she still doesn't believe as she told me a few weeks ago and is just playing along with mama because it is fun. But does it really matter...she is enjoying weather she truly believes in it all or not.

Anyway, I am off to bed. I do have pictures to post, but not tonight. I need sleep :) Night all


Karin said…
I love your stories! They remind me so much of my big girl! I was also shocked when she was rattling off addition and subtraction facts at 3.5...I have no idea she could or how long she's been doing it.

And it IS very hard to keep up!! LOL!
MommyWise said…
The Santa issue worries me too. Every time his name comes up I hold my breath. Most of the time she goes along with it but sometimes she asks so many pointed questions! Already, Aidan has decided logically that Santa doesn't do everything people say because its impossible and that Mommies and Daddies are helping him.

I think our years of having Santa-believers are numbered.

I need to write more anecdotes about my girls. I don't do so often enough.
Joyful Learner said…
JC said something quite similar when I told her she had 10 more minutes to play...she asked for 2 more minutes and declared, "That's 12 minutes!" We were all so surprised.

I decided to introduce the origins of St. Nicholas which goes over the history of the man who helped the poor. I'm hoping that this will help when the time comes...that way, she doesn't think it was all a lie. Besides, the magic is in the ability of human beings to reach out to another without asking for anything in return. Everything else is sugar coating.