Banana bread and our Saturday Porch Visitor

These are some pics from the end of last week that I never got to post. We had a few bananas that had ripened past the point A liked, so she suggested we make banana bread. Ummm, yeah, she had a great idea! It was so delicious! She read the recipe and helped stir it all together. She was very proud of how it turned out and she has definitely enjoyed eating her fair share LOL. I believe there will be quite a few bananas going past their peak in our house just so she can make more banana bread :)

Friday night the snow was really coming down so we bundled up and went out to play. A helped Dad brush off the cars .

Playing in the snow is always a good way to wear her out so she will actually sleep for us.
Saturday morning we got up and Dad made a wonderful breakfast. As I was walking by the front window, this guy caught my eye. I opened the door and we all stood and watched him as he watched us. A was just a talking to him, but we closed the door when he started to move towards us. These foxes are NOT scared of humans at all.

Beautiful and Amazing isn't he?

Today has been a tiring Monday with A. She must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something. So after she told me at lunch "Here Mom , you can have the red paintbrush. It means you are uncool. And Dad and I will have blue ones because we are cool." We are taking a break from each other LOL. She is watching up and I am trying to steer clear of her for a while.


OMG that fox is so cute! And I'm an Amanda too : )

I just found your blog through a Monday blog hop! Have a great evening.

Amanda @
Laura D. said…
Thanks for the add and being my #49!! You have a great blog! And I look forward to reading more about your move and your little miracle!

Laura from The Mommy Goods!
Dawn Lopez said…
Aww, what fabulous pictures! Your daughter is a cutie! Hope you get the blue paintbrush tomorrow!

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Liz said…
The fox is so cute! That's amazing! Ansley is so adorable!
Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back.
Unknown said…
Thanks for linking up on Mom Blog Monday! We're the featured blog of the week so we wanted to stop over to say hello! We look forward to following along with you and hope you'll do the same!
So great to meet you! What a challenge you must have schooling your little genius! My daughter is gifted, and I remember how overwhelmed we were when she started reading at 3. I can only imagine if she were as advanced as your daughter. It's a challenge finding material that will challenge her intellect but is appropriate for her age.

If you want to try your hand at making donuts, here's what I tried last year. :)
Mel_Cole said…
Aww, your daughter is beginning to learn how to be a chef. :) WTG Mommy! Oh that fox is so cute! We've seen some here but they scare themselves away from us. Nice to land here in your blog. I'm your newest follower.

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Ashley said…
Foxes are my favorite, how neat! Lol about the paintbrushes. :)
Amanda said…
Thanks to all my new followers, I don't think I missed following anyone back :) Yep, our little fox friend was quite friendly. I think he was the same one I met blueberry picking by the house this fall who kept wanting to play from me and carry off my bowl of blueberries :)

Ansley loves to help me cook and is always in the kitchen. My mom is getting her her very own apron for christmas! She will LOVE it.
Colleen said…
Hi there, your daughter is just beautiful. I was really fascinated to read about her intelligence levels...that must be an incredible thing to witness and be able to be a part of! You sound like a really dedicated and great mom and not uncool at all!:) The paintbrush thing cracked me up...haha, kids!!:)
Unknown said…
Sorry for posting such a typecast email on your page... It was my first time being a 'featured blogger' and I was a bit overwhelmed:) I will pray for your "Will" as well and know that when you ask you will receive in God's will. When we began the process for Charlotte and now the twins we we're not prepared financially but all has been provided for in our submission to listening to His will! I am excited for your future and thankful for your bloggy friendship!
Holly said…
Ansley would fit right in at our house. My husband often "forgets" about the bananas until they are in perfect banana bread making form. :)
Amanda said…
About 6 months ago we were living in a second floor apartment with a screened in porch. We had a porch visitor too, a raccoon had climbed up the side of the building and chewed through the screen to get onto our porch. I have pictures of it looking through the window at me!