Our week in review-School, Crafts, a Mouse, and Sickness

Hmm...our week has been a fun one....where should I begin. I guess with last Sunday and the FABULOUS crab and asparagus quiche my wonderful husband made. OH my. I was in heaven. And while I am bragging on the culinary skills of my husband I have to say that the She Crab soup he made with the left over crab Tuesday night was AWESOME. It amazes me. See I can cook, but I need a recipe. He on the other hand throws things together, no recipe to even go off of, and the turn out ridiculously good. I am blessed. I'll let y'all drool over some pics now LOL. I also found some time to work on a painting Saturday. Not sure where this is going. Somewhere in the guest room I think, but I definitely liked how it turned out.
A worked on some art for a present we are working on. I am not telling what it is because the person receiving this might read my blog LOL. But we had a good time on this mystery project LOL

Okay, and Wed I was totally able to get her hair into pony tails. I know this does not seem like a big idea, but this child HATES to even have her hair brush. So the fact that she let me is a miracle! LOL. As DH said when he got home "don't let the cuteness fool you. There are horns hiding under those pigtails" LOL. The mischievous look says it all don't you think? LOL

Yesterday we spent the afternoon working on a Thanksgiving Kit ala Nana. (Thank You Nana! A loved it." I do have to say that the instructions said...just add glue. Well Elmer's glue does not cut it for this project. Luckily I pulled out the Tacky Glue and things went much smoother.

Thursday afternoon, A spiked a fever and has officially caught Dh's cold. Boo. So today we did manage a quick trip to the library and grocery store but then headed home and spent the rest of the day curled up watching movies. We can't go out anyway right now. The wind and rain moved in 2 days ago and have sat. It was blowing about 50mph sustained and 80mph gusts when we headed out to the grocery store. So neither of us minded spending the day on the couch.

We did do homeschool this week. I just didn't take many pics of us. We are loving RightStart Math. She loves it and is finally enjoying a math curriculum. She loves to use the abacus. We also have been studying forces in science and did some 2nd grade language arts worksheets, and are continuing with handwriting without tears.
Oh and did I mention we had a mouse visitor...or a rat...or a vole...I never really got a good look at it. Sunday when I cam home from church I opened the door and saw out of the corner of my eye saw something run across the kitchen floor, and heard the scritchity scratch of little feet! (Shudder) I of course slammed the door shut and made Dh go in after it. Of course, by then it was long gone. Over the next day or two I thought I would occasionally here it and then we found the proof, one of our dish towels under the sink had been shredded! ICK. So off we went for mouse trap. Dh set one up under the sink and right in the living room on the entrance. Night one nothing....but on the second night the wind was howling and I couldn't sleep. Suddenly SNAP. Yep the one in the living room snapped. I wake Dh up, and chicken me stays in the bedroom on the bed, feet up, as he went to see what we caught. Suddenly I Thump Thump Thump Thump as the (mouse, rat, vole) tried to run across the floor dragging the trap along with it. I hear DH yell "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO SNAP IT'S NECK!" From my view in the bedroom I see him run into the kitchen and back out with my big stock pot and lid. He proceeds to corner the thing and scoop it into my pot! OMG. Well, the mouse, rat, vole is now dead. And my house is now rodent free. I never did get a look at the thing, and when I asked DH to describe it to me he said "I didn't really look at it!" LOL. I love my husband. Can kill the rodent for me, but won't look at it LOL.
Anyway....On to a wonderful weekend with my family!