Early November ramblings

Well I have a lot of pics I want to upload and share, but the Internet is slow as usual here and tonight I really do not feel like doing that. However it is November...and I am excited. I love this time of year. Thanksgiving followed by Christmas. It is my favorite time of year, and this year I feel particularly blessed. I put away the Halloween decorations today and just left the Fall ones...but I am itching to be able to put out Christmas decorations already. It is probably the fact that we had snow again last night and today. Lots of it. And we were out playing a lot today.

A loves snow. I don't know where this comes from, but I have never seen her happier than when she is romping around in the snow. Today she just rolled in it and looked like a little snow bear. (Of course I have pics...but as I said, it is just not happening tonight LOL)

Anyway, as it is the first of a new month, I really am giving myself a goal to be MORE PATIENT. This has never been one of my strong suits (just ask my mom), and I am getting better, but the area that I need the most work in is being patient with A. It is so hard to remember she is 3 that so often I find myself losing patience or being shorter with her then I should when she actually does act her age. So my goal for myself is to remember she is 3, praise her more, and to have more patience with her.

Alright. Off to bed. She has been having a lot of scary dreams since we moved and has needed to be snuggled a lot at night. So I have been pretty tired and I think tonight I am headed to be early. But tomorrow I shall remember...patience.


Joyful Learner said…
I have to always remind myself that JC is 4...sometimes she acts so grown up that it shocks me. Some of the profound things she's said in the past cannot have come from a 2,3, or 4 year old. So, I just look at her and tell myself, " She's 4" and marvel in that. It helps to have tickle wars, hide-and-seek games, and other simple games to get to the basics.
Karin said…
I love your goal! I often do the same thing...I have to remember that Julie is not even 4.5 yet. It's so hard when they act "grown up" in some aspects yet they are really still preschoolers.