Snow pics! Lovin Alaska at the moment

Well as I said yesterday, our first real snow has come. 3 days of snow has lead to lots of fun. Here are some pics to share.

A getting ready to head out.
Well after we got dressed a squall moved in and A just had to still go out. So we ended up outside in about 70mph winds with almost horizontal snow. She had to buffer herself to even stand. And this was in the sheltered area by the porch where the winds were not as fierce.

It cleared up and we headed back out.

She rolled and rolled and rolled in the snow. I have never seen her happier. Pure joy!

........ The next day
The sunrise this morning. Breathtaking! Same view about an hour later when a squall moved through.

Look how deep :)

Needless to say...the fishing boots are not cutting it. Placed an order tonight for some real snow boots for her.


Joyful Learner said…
Looks like a lot of fun! We hope to head out to Tahoe for some snow this winter.