A Saturday in Pictures

What a GREAT day with the family. We woke up and Dh fixed a wonderful breakfast of omelets, little smokies, and grits. Then we headed out for a drive and a walk at the beach.

One thing you may not know about our little island in the Bering Sea.....we have one of the highest populations of bald eagles in North America. Just on these 2 cranes, there were over 30. On the building next to it...I counted 55! It is truly an amazing place to live After Our drive and walk along the beach at Summers Bay we headed to one of the local parks.

Then we headed home to relax. While I was cleaning I heard A say to dad from the other room. "I bet mom will say...Wait! There's two dads!" Then she comes out in dad's clothes! Awesome. She was so excited because I said exactly what she wanted LOL ! I love my family.
We came home and Dh made a wonderful snack of homemade potato chips and blue cheese. They were so yummy. And for dinner he made homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn and I made from scratch biscuits. I have the best husband. I really do.And some beautiful sky scenes after dinner.
Then we all sat down together and watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. I hope y'all all had a great Saturday too!


Jen M said…
New follower via Saturday Social Blog Hop :)
Jen @ My Secret Home
Great pictures! I've enjoyed reading through some of your posts and look forward to hearing more from you!
Thanks for the follow. I am following you back!
Tammy said…
Those chips look yum-o!! Looks like a wonderful day.

Happy Sunday!
Jessi said…
Hi, I'm a new follower from the Sunday blog hop. Very cute picture. I loved Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. If you haven't seen How To Train Your Dragon - that's the best!

I hope you're having a great weekend.

MommyWise said…
I swear... every time I come here I want to move up there!
Amanda said…
Thanks to my new followers. Off to check out your blogs if I haven't already!

Mommy wise- I know, isn't it beautiful. You know people up here are always like, "why here? What made yall choose here." And well I just look around, how could you not just be awe struck day in and day out living here. I feel God all around, everyday...all I have to do is look out my window!

Tammy- Those chips were delicious! My hubby is an AMAZING cook. He rocks!
Ashley said…
Wow what an adventure you guys are on! Beautiful pictures!
Hopping and reading.
Beautiful little angel you have.
Unknown said…
Those chips are looking mighty yummy right about now! I am your newest follower from the hop and would love a follow back at http://mizzreviewlady-mommyreviews.blogspot.com/