I thought I would end this weekend with some A'isms from this week. I love my child and the things she says! I try to write them down on my iphone when she says them so I will remember. She makes us smile.

While laying in bed reading together.....
A-"Hey mom, Your legs are scratching me." I had not shaved that day (blush)
Me- "Yes Nutter, I need to shave."
A- "Well your a mammal, so you can grow your hair wherever you want on your body"

While coloring pictures together at the table.....
A- "Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars are the smallest planets because the other are the gas giants. I am going to call the small planets the gas babies."
Me- Well those planets don't have a lot of gases sweetie, just some in the atmosphere."
A- Well then I will call them the iron babies, because Mars has iron at its core."

A- "Mom, Pluto is still there but it is now a dwarf planet, because well planets don't just go away. The astronomers just decided it wasn't a planet anymore."

While driving in the car today after earlier having told dad that tomb raiders are really smart.....
Tom-"A are you smart enough to be a tomb robber?"
Ansley-"No dad. I am smarter"

While sitting on the potty.....
A- "Venus is so hot because it is so close to the sun"


Greetings from Interior Alaska! I enjoy reading your blog and ask your permission to link to it from mine.

Nikki Hunter (a.k.a. Mrs. Wayne Hunter)
Amanda said…
Nikki- Hi! You may definitly link to my blog from yours. May I say I love your blog! I found it a few weeks ago and actually ordered Fascinating Womanhood from Amazon and started reading it 3 days ago. I am never good with saying words, so I wrote my husband a letter for the Accept him assignment. I have written him letters in the past and usually he says nothing. Never mentions them, but he told me thank you. That was it, but its a start. He is sick right now, but I am hoping I can understand him better and strengthen our marriage. So Thank you for your blog!

Thank you, Amanda! Looks like you're off to a good start with Fascinating Womanhood! You are welcome in regards to my blog :).

I am starting a new FW online course in February 2011, God willing. I have a few spots left; if you'd like, I can reserve a spot for you. There is no cost to take the course except for the cost of the book (which you already have) and the workbook - which I will gladly donate to you in hopes that if you find the teachings of FW agreeable and helpful, at least for the most part, you'll consider sharing these teachings with other women in our Alaskan villages or online (since you have a marriage and family therapy degree and our State has such high DV rates) at some point in the future. Even if you don't want to consider sharing the teachings, I'll still be glad to reserve you a space in the course.

Amanda said…
Nikki- That would be wonderful! I would love to join the group for Feb! How do I sign up?

Can I ask you a question? When do you start seeing changes? I know I have just started this, I am not good with words, I am much better writer, I wrote DH two letters, pouring my heart out and apologizing to him for how I have been wrong to him and how much I love him and who he is. In the second I apoligized for more wrongs and told him how much faith and trust I have in him and basically placed him at the head of our household. He said "thank you for the letter" to the the first one, and nothing at all to the second. I have been applying the principles and working on taking back the many of the things I knew he saw in me and liked when we met that I have lost. But I am getting nothing back. Sigh
Hi Amanda,

Give seeing results time in FW. A lot of husbands are apprehensive for a bit when a wife starts applying the teachings of FW because they like what their wives are doing, but are afraid that it's just a passing fad. Just *sincerely* keep at it and use discretion in how much or how little to apply the teachings at first. He very most likely is noticing, he just most likely hopes it lasts; it will take time for him to accept (if you keep at it) that you have changed, but when he's comfortable accepting it, he'll most likely open up and really have a great reaction.

Also, make sure that you completely accept him, as he is. Without such acceptance, application of the other teachings will seem insincere to him, and that can keep a man from reacting the way his wife expects.