Where does she get this stuff LOL

Really, some days, since I am so used to A and her way of thinking and doing things that I forget what is normal development, and I start to overlook the things she does that sets her apart...but on occasionally something happens that is just so profound that is jolts me be back to reality and I am awe struck....Truly awe struck. Today was one of those events, and I was lucky that Dh was at home to witness it. He and I just stared at each other dumb struck afterwards, and are still amazed.

Dh comes home for lunch everyday and today we were eating at the table when I told him that I was so impressed that I drove down our mountain in snow for the first time today. He said, "well its when the snow melts and then freezes again that you really have to worry." And A pops in "When things go from ice to water and back to ice, that's call reversible change"

We sat there just in awe. I was thinking wow, pretty good observations. We have never read nor discussed this, yet..... I went and googled it and found "reversible changes are substances that can be changed from one thing to another then back to the other thing again, like ice, when you heat ice it becomes a liquid, but if it freezes again, it returns to solid form as ice and thus the change is reversed" Okay...its an ACTUAL scientific term. HOW DOES SHE KNOW THIS??? This is not the first time she has told me a scientific concept that she has never been taught nor even remotely introduced to even in a book or show....she just somehow KNOWS and that.....well....shocks us back to reality LOL.


Joyful Learner said…
That is pretty cool! I have had shocking moments but it's always been intuitive things she would say that sort of made me sit and think about it. I wish I had written them all down like you because my memory is fading. These days, she's always correcting me if what I say isn't exactly so and those moments, I wish I can forget. Her need to be right is driving me crazy! Okay, not crazy but I need more patient when she argues for everything! I see other kids and they seem so much more compliant.
Amanda said…
Oh man do I hear you!!!! Ansley is and has been for so long....MS Right. She has to be right on everything and usually she is which is the sad things LOL. She corrects EVERYTHING i say, including articulation of words. My southern girl self says winter as winner....and Ansley says "Mom, it's winTer, tttttt, not winner. You are sadly mistaken" LOL. Not so funny after the 2nd or 3rd time. It is all day long with everything. She has no tolerence with me not being 100 percent correct/
Does she watch Sid the Science Kid? There was an episode on Reversible (and Irreversible) Change there - exactly on this topic of water to ice (and on apples to apple sauce as an example of irreversible change).
Joyful Learner said…
I feel your pain...I really do. I love my daughter but it's hard when everything you say or do is challenged! Maybe it's a good thing in the long run...maybe it will teach me to be more precise with my words...but sometimes I just need a break! AHHHHHH! :)
Amanda said…
Raising a Happy Child- Ansley hasn't watched Sid the Science since we lived with MeMom and PopPop for 2 months when she was 18 months old. So if she did watch that episode and remembers it from a year and a half ago...WOW! LOL She doesn't watch much TV and hasn't watched almost any TV since we moved here as there are not many channels that we can get in this island, Poor dh can't even watch golf :(. Right now we only watch DVD's that we own or that we rent from the library.
Although with Christmas coming and all my friends posts on facebook talking about all the toys there kids are saying they NEED, I am glad that we don't, as Ansley doesn't even know the toys that are out there and has no store here to see them in either LOL

Joyful Learner- Yes it is...Everything I say is challenged, and she does it to other people to. I am trying to teach her that you just can't go around correcting everybody! LOL
Tara said…
Thanks for stopping by and following thesmalltownmom.com! I am now following you. Good luck with your crocheting! I am having fun with the few projects I have completed but still have SO much to learn!!