No Money Christmas Quest- Update

Wow, it's already almost mid November! Where has the time gone???? I need to seriously get busy. A great deal of my Christmas gifts this year are homemade. I thought I would share some of what I am doing and ...well while I will list the ones I am making for A, I won't say who all the other ones are for because some of the people on my gift giving list read my blog LOL. So you all know who you may just want to skip this post LOL.

For A:

She is getting a few store bought gifts...and while my goal this year was a no money Christmas that is not quite going to happen. Mainly because shipping her big present here was so costly! I ended up with $80 in swag bucks. A's Playmobil was $100 but I could not use my amazon swag buck as shipping would have been $75 for it!!!!!! The major problem of living on an island in the middle of the Bering Sea LOL.


-Playmobil Pyramid- ordered from ToysRUs...$135- including shipping (this is the only money I spent for Christmas) Everything else was purchased using my gift cards from swagbucks!

-Playmobil Archaeologist

-A really cool model Mummy and Sarcophagus ( because of swagbucks!)

-Bear Slippers (Dh got these for her when he ordered something for him so I have no clue how much LOL)

Now on to my homemade items.....

-Yarn Octopus- and an octopus book to go with it (compliments of swagbucks amazon gift cards)

-Gingerbread play-doh, with cookie cutter and The Gingerbread Man book ( gift card)

-Homemade dinosaur eggs and a dinosaur egg book to go with (another gift card purchase!)

-Felt dolls

-A Felt board with accessories

-Melty Muffin Tin Crayons.

Okay, for DH......

-A Pillowcase for his new neck pillow... I am embroidering His and A's hand prints on it.

-A Secret Compartment book to keep all his stuff in.

Other gifts I need to make for family and friends.....

-driftwood signs


-A Hand print coasters

-Homemade CD

-A pictures

-Homemade ornaments out of all of these. I have completed the octopus, bow-tie pasta, half of a scarf, half of the felt board, and just started on the felt dolls.

So I need to get busy. Stay tuned, as I will be sharing lots of how to posts in the coming weeks!


Ashley said…
I can't wait to see pictures of all these neat homemade items!
Amanda said…
A no money Christmas is a great idea! I try to make gifts for my family and friends too. I always give the girls in my family a bunch of my handmade greeting cards!