A Winter Life

We had a great, but busy, week here, so it was nice this weekend to get out of the house and just play! Oh how I can't wait to have my car back and be not as tied to the house for so long. Soon I think, soon. Patience is not my strong suit ;)

Well Saturday was a beautiful day with just a slight breeze just soft enough to cause the air to nip at our bare cheeks. We headed out as a family to one of our favorite places and just Ran!

Run, play, create....nature at it's best

Snow Angle Fun
Best Buds
Finding green!
"The Ice Age is Upon Us....Survive or Perish"

Attack of the SNOW MONSTER!

Giant Snowball Play

With which she promptly buried me in snow....
A beautiful life.
Well Lived
With Love, Life, and Laughter


Megan said…
how big is dutch harbor? When I was staying in sand point everything was pretty close. No car needed really...just to go out driving to the beach and whatnot.
Amanda said…
It's small, but definitely not fun walkable. The grocery store is on the other island across the bridge. Takes about 7 mins by car to get there. We live high up a hill, which is hell to walk up LOL. There are about 4,000 full time residents. We are definitely larger than sand point. :)
Megan said…
yeah, bringing home groceries wouldn't be too fun, especially in that snow :-)
jmommymom said…
It's fun reading about your Alaska adventures and homeschooling activities.

Congradulations on the award.