Why I love facebook!

It is great to see adults going out of their way to help a kid learn. You might have seen the picture of the really cool bone a boy brought into our homeschool class yesterday. He was curious as to what it was and was telling his theories, but the local biologist was stumped. I posted the picture on facebook and asked a friend of mine on there to take a look. She is an entomologist so she works with invertebrates, but I thought she might have a clue. She suggested it was a sternum of a bird and gave me the name of an ornithologist at a college to contact. I sent him a message and he instantly responded that my friend was correct and that it appeared to be from a large bird. I suggested a bald eagle and he sent me pics of an eagle's skeleton and said he does not think it is a match, so he is contacting a colleague that used to live in Alaska to see if she can be of help.

It is just great! Adults going out of their way to help an eager young learner. I called the child tonight and told him that it was believed to be a bird sternum and he is now going to research what he can find.

All it takes is a spark. Learning at it's best. A big thanks to all the adults out there who take a moment out of their day to help young learners!


MommyWise said…
I wouldn't know what to do without facebook... its the ONLY way I keep in touch with people.