Art class, Fox Fox, and a really cool bone

Today was a good day. We had our first homeschool art class since the winter break. 9 kids were there today. (We have one out of town and a couple sick with the virus that is making it's way through town) Today we worked on hot air balloons and I did a quick tutorial on the white board on how to draw them. It's amazing to me that none of the kids had ever seen one in person, but then I thought about it and there is simply no opportunity to have, on this island. So many things you don't think about when not living some place like this.

Anyway, one of the kids brought in a really cool bone he had found washed up on the beach. He had taken it to a local biologist for identification, but he was unable to.

So, if you know what this could be, please let me know. He is very interested in finding out. It is pretty light weight, and definitely very interesting!

The top....notice the raised spine thing...
The underneath.....
Anyway, back to art class. The kids all did an amazing job. They are so fun to work with, and all have such different styles.

And here are a few of the finished products...
This one cracked me up, and mainly for what he wrote on the back "Nothing cool ever happens in my neighborhood" LOL. Notice the Tyranadon (sp?) dropping the person, the sniper in the basket, and the ufo abducting someone. Love the creativity!

Kooky cracked me up with her detailed balloon. And the mom in the basket holding her newborn up by one hand LOL.
And another reason today was such a good day....

Fox Fox is alive and well! Many of you will remember my pics of Fox Fox from last year. He was our little buddy who loved to hang around our house, but somehow last summer he was injured and we had not seen him in many months. Dh and I were pretty sure he had passed away. But today, oh joy! There he was. He saw us and stopped to smile up at us. He is still not using his leg that was injured last year, but he looks healthy. I haven't seen Kooky so happy in months. She jumped around the house smiling and had to call Nana to tell her.

We were all glad to see he is okay.
He he was having a stare down with a bald eagle. Last time I saw him he was fighting with the eagles, so I am pretty sure he doesn't like them to much LOL.
And I will leave you with the parting shot of one of Unalaska's many bald eagles.
Well, I am off to finish working on my crochet project. I am branching out and actually working on a skirt for my little one.

It was a busy day and tomorrow will be too. We have homeschool swim lessons after lunch (DH is still driving my car so he will have to come get us...I can not wait till his is fixed!) and a couple of valentine craft projects planned for the afternoon.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.