Hearts, Hearts, and more Hearts

Hearts, hearts, and more hearts...The perfect valentine art project. This week I decided to introduce oil pastels and the kids loved them. We worked on shading and blending colors by adding grey and white. I have to say, art class is one of my favorite parts of the week. I love the fellowship that occurs, the smiles on the kids faces as they gather, talk, and work side by side. They are always so proud of their work, as they should be, and love showing it off. One of the things I love is how they encourage and praise each other. Just beautiful.The kids did a great job. Here are a few examples of their work. Just an awesome job for their first time working with oil pastels. They really went to town on the shading!

My little one's....needless to say it is gracing our fridge at the moment.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!