A Sunday around town

Sunday we went to the town's Annual Ice Cream Social. It is a fundraiser for the local preschool. The whole town shows up for ice cream and prizes. We were busy Sunday, but after DH was finished coaching youth hockey, we stopped by for a bit. It was a lot of fun, and I even won a $20 gift certificate from a local restaurant! And yep, I changed my hair color again. I think I like it. It has taken me a few days to get used to it though :)

So after the Ice Cream Social we decided to head out to the tundra and let Bella and A run a bit. Gotta get out all that energy.....and we promptly got stuck! LOL. Dh tried to dig out but we were on ice. Luckily a few guys pulled up and parked ready to head out target practicing and they helped get us out.

It was an absolutely beautiful day!

Yes, my child is licking the snow! LOL

And my crazy dog ran and ate snow...

Just an overall great day.

After we left, I asked Dh to drive over to the small boat harbor so I could snap some pics of all the crab boats still in town.
It's crab season and they are just itching to get out there and get a piece of the pie, but mother nature has had other ideas as of late. The sea ice in the Bering Sea is further down then it has been in years!.The main crabbing grounds are frozen over, so here they sit...waiting for a change in their luck. A south wind, some warm weather, but when is the question.
For now, they wait.