Fat Tuesday and Maple Snow Candy equals a great day!

Laissez les bons temps roule!
Let the Good Times Roll! Happy Mardie Gras everyone from Alaska! This Louisiana girl was determined to celebrate despite being so far away.

I made a king cake, and it turned out pretty well. I was impressed at least because I tend to have problems with yeast bread rising enough.

We made masks!

A got a hold of my camera and took a couple of pics of me. Not to shabby.

My mask....photo compliments of A

A's masks

We got fresh snow today! A couple of inches I think, but it is so hard to tell here because it drifts around so much. But it was enough to do what I had been wanting to do for the past several weeks. We made Maple Syrup Snow Candy! So awesome. You may remeber this from the little house series. I boiled the maple syrup for about 15 mins, until my thermometer read about 220 degrees. Then we carried it outside to a fresh snow drift and poured....Ta da!

It hardens almost instantly in the cold snow and because a scrumptious treat.

A stick to your teeth treat

But the wind picked up again and we brought our yummy snack inside to finish

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!


jmommymom said…
I have always wanted to make Maple Snow Candy. It looks like it was fun.

We just finished fasching (carnival - Mardi Gras) in Germany. When I recover and catch up on my sleep I have a few more fasching posts to add to the ones already on my blog. It's great you got to celebrate a little at home.
Amanda said…
It was a lot of fun.

I am going to have to come read your post about fasching. That is really cool that yall celebrate too.
momma24 said…
I have never heard of maple syrup snow candy! How neat...we are going to have try that if we ever get snow!!