My Art, A Bad Day, and a Bunch of Play

I was asked to donate a painting to the Channel 8 auction in town, and since I didn't have any canvas and it was to short notice to get some delivered, I pulled out this piece of driftwood that I have been just itching to paint. I finished it last night and it turned out pretty well I think. It is my take of the view from Pyramid Peak Valley at night.
I am dropping it off tomorrow, although I would love to keep it LOL. I just need to find another great piece to paint :)
What do ya'll think?

In other news....A was busy today. I had a pretty bad start to my morning....long story but it basically has to do with the fact that I have had no propane and have been unable to cook for 4 days....and well I don't appreciate people being childish and dragging me into something that I have absolutely nothing to do with. So while I had a meltdown and tears, A stayed busy reading and setting up a scene. But tonight I am just thankful to have such good friends who took care of me and who dried my laundry at their house, as well as the many offers of a warm meal. Late tonight propane was delivered and tomorrow I can make King Cake for my sweet child.
Anyway...on to the scene!

The ride of teddy's life! This is my old teddy, and this is the "Super Wire" A set up for him. Complete with Tupperware helmat....

After a bad morning, my afternoon got considerably better.
We had a great art class today. I taught watercolor landscapes, and we learned the about horizon lines and vanishing points. The kids did great and it is seriously just the most fun! I love my class. I will post some picks tomorrow, but for now....more play!
When we got home A headed out with our neighbors for an afternoon of play in the warm almost 40 degree weather.

Yep , thats my kid with the nurf crossbow! LOL. She's got pretty good aim too.

She came in after about 2 hours (I got a lot of cleaning done while she was out! Yay me!) and she played with some modeling clay and made me this beautiful sunflowe.

A movie, books, and then it was bed.
After she was asleep, Bella need to go out, and well, this is what I saw...

An amazingly clear night. The pics don't do it justice, but here is Orion. Probably one of the clearest nights in the almost 2 years we have been here.

Good night everyone. Tonight I go to sleep thankful for propane, and for the wonderful sweet friends I have meet since living here, who I know I can call crying and that I will always feel better when I get off the phone.

Oh! And Happy Mardi Gras Ya'll! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


Zach said…
Orion is one of the only constellations I can pick out. Not so much here in DC, though.
Megan said…
lol I just posted about getting cleaning done with the kids out. I am so proud of myself too :-)
MommyWise said…
I wish I could bring my girls to your art class. I think perhaps the commute is too long though.