So we are in Anchorage...heading home tomorrow. I can't wait to hug my sweet little girl, although I am so glad that she had a really good time. She never melted down, never really even cried or anything, infact I have had a much harder time then she has. We did have a great time. First I have to say, it is actually the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Words and pictures can not describe it. Well, onto pics cause that's the best I can do LOL.

Here is the plane we flew in on, we didn't make it the first night because of weather, so we had a 4am flight the next day. We had to make 2 fuel stops (something they do when they are not sure if they will be able to land in Dutch Harbor or not) but we finally made it in at 8:30.
Now on to the pics of Unalaska and it's International Port of Dutch Harbor.

Tundra Golf Classic- Day 1. This was a ton of fun. Basically you go out and hack it at makeshift tees and greens in the tundra of pyramid valley...all for charity. It was a lot of fun. Tom and I were invited to play by the Executive Director of the Clinic and her husband.

Tundra Golf....day 2. Rain and Wind
The picture above is one of the many remnants from WWII. I never knew, but Unalaska was the only other place on American soil bombed during WWII besides Pearl Harbor. The Aleuts were actually forcibly relocated during that time and their villages destroyed.
Look at me stylin in my borrowed rain gear. I had on 4 layers on top and 2 on bottom. It was rainy, windy, and 48 degrees, but it was a whole lot of fun, and I actually hit the ball much better that day.
Unalaska wildflowers. I took all of these pics as we walked along playing tundra golf. It is amazing how beautiful it is. These are just a few of the varieties of flowers that grow on the tundra. There are almost no trees, as trees are not native to this area. The few trees that are here were brought by Russian settlers long ago who attempted to grow a forest so they would have a ready supply of wood. These trees that still survive today are now hundreds of years old and most are only 3 feet tall or so.


It looks like a beautiful place to live. I hope your husband will get the job and you will settle there for a long time!