Summer Reading List

So while we haven't been homeschooling much par say  this summer, what we have been doing is reading. I have been keeping a list of all the books A has read on her own this summer and I showed it to her tonight.

A - "what is that?"

Me- "A list of all the books you have read this summer by yourself"

A- Looking very carefully at the list "Wow! I have read a lot. I am so proud of myself. I am a super reader."

Yes A, you are a super reader and mommy is very proud of you too.

So without further ado....her is our summer reading list

Books A Read Alone
Silly Pig- Laura Rader
The Croc by The Rock- Hilary Robinson and Mike Gordon
Are We There Yet- Dale Gottlieb
Arthur's Reading Race- Marc Brown
The Best Nest- Eastman
The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat- Karlin
Cooking with the Cat- Christopher Moroney
What is That Said The Cat- Grace Maccarone
Can You Play- Emily Bolam
Found and Apple- Elliot Kreloff
Bears in the Night- Stan and Jan Bernstain
May I Please Have a Cookie- Jennifer Morris
The Bus Stop- Nora Gaydos
The Horse in Harry's Room- Syd Hoff
Wait for Us- Richard Brown
Morris the Moose- B. Wiseman
Morris the Moose Goes to School- B. Wiseman
Hiccups for Elephan- James Preller
Arthur's Lost Puppy- Marc Brown

Books Read Together (ie...A reads a page, mommy read a page)
Mouse Soup- Lobel
The Fire Cat- Averille
Oliva and the Missing Toy- Ian Falconer
Last One In Is A Rotten Egg-
Frog and Toad All Year Long- Lobel
Little Bear's Friend- Sendak
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Madeline- Bemelmans

And then of course I have read numerous books to her as always. I have to say, the greatest thing to me, is to walk into a room and hear her reading a book to herself, or to her dolls, or to Nana completely unprompted. Anyway, there you have it....our summer reading list.


MommyWise said…
I wish I had kept a list from the beginning... only now have I started writing them down.
Amanda said…
I know, I do that for so many things. I but I have been trying to with this one. It was really neat to see the look on her face when I showed her. She was so proud!