I can't wait to be settled again

And I know that goes for all of us in our household. I can't wait for DH to be back to work, for us to be settled into our own place again, to have our own space, and to start homeschooling again. A and I have both missed it. I know it will take us a while to get up and running once we get there....but it is so close...I am not a patient person LOL. Although God has definitly shown me that things are not in my control over the past few years. I am a planner, and well I am having to learn to take things as they come and embrace the unknown.

Tomorrow we take the last of the boxes of our things to be shipped, and on Monday we drop of my car for it to be put on a slopw boat to our new home. They said it would be about 6 weeks! I am really looking forward to hiking through the tundra and picking blueberries with A.
Headed to bed to dream of Unalsaka