I got peed on by a fish today....and other random musings

Yep, today I got peed on by a fish today. Quite a good bit to, I might say. That is honestly a first. I mean I guess fish have to pee to, but the thought had just never occurred to me. Today we took A fishing again, and after reeling on up, I went to help her take it off the hook, where it promptly proceeded to spray me with pee! A of course thought this was the funniest thing ever....so yep, today I was officially peed on by a fish!

In 1 day Dh and I fly out and head to Alaska. I am excited, but am really nervous to. I pray we like the area, pray they offer him the position and are as serious as they seem, pray the job search will be over after this trip, but most of all I am nervous because the longest I have ever been away from my child is 5 hours! Yep, 5 hours. I know, she is 3, and many people have been away from there child for long periods of time already, but not me. When she was a baby, she exclusively breastfeed. When I left, she refused to take a bottle even of pumped milk, then we tried formula, thinking she just didn't want mama milk not from mama....Nope....she would not eat the entire time I was gone, twice going 5 hours without eating, at an age when she was nursing every 2 hours. Hmm...should have been a clue into the persistence of my child LOL. Anyway, I have always been a stay at home mom, and well she did not ween till almost 2 and 1/2, so we have never spent a night apart. Now we will be apart Friday to Thursday, and I honestly don't know how I will cope. I have a feeling I will worry constantly. She will be in good hands. My MIL is flying down just so she can watch A during the day while my mom is at work. My mom will be home by 3:30 and then A will have both Nana and Memom, but she won't have me. I am trying to not really think about it all to much. I need to go, they offered for me to, and wanted me to. I need to see the area. It is remote, no way on or off but by plane or seasonal once a month ferry service that takes 7 days to the mainland. So if they offer the job to DH and he accepts I need to be sure I love it to. But I am nervous, and I will miss her so much.

My 3rd random musing for tonight when I should be sleeping LOL.... well I have been scoring with the school supplies and curriculum for when we do start back for real. I am hoping he will be settled in a new job by mid September and we can officially start our school year. I went to a used book store yesterday and found some great resources. (I love the Even-Mor books, but they are expensive if you use them as a single workbook as we do instead of a teaching tool at a school) Anyway, I found 3 great books, 1st grade reading fluency, 2nd grade word families, and then another book of word searches for 1st-2nd grade....for a total of $5, with a grand savings of $46 off retail price!!! Yea! And as it is almost back to school time at my mom's school and all the teachers are getting there rooms ready and getting rid of things they will no longer be using, my mom has scored some great 1st and 2nd grade resources which are right on level. The teachers are great and often bring it to her to see if A would like it before they throw it out. I will have to take pictures when we get back next week from Alaska. It is quite the haul.

Alright I have a lot of other random musings tonight as I can't sleep. But I need to at least try to. So I am off to bed. Good night!


Joyful Learner said…
Good luck on the job offer! Have a safe trip!
MommyWise said…
Good luck on the job searching.... Alaska...wow!

I too love the Evan Moore... found one at a yard sale this past Saturday and was dancing with glee.

Again... good luck!
Good luck in Alaska. I was also very worried leaving Anna with my parents for the first time this summer. We went for 7 days, and she had a blast. Now she wants to go again - I am even a bit hurt, but also very proud of her ability to trust others.
Anonymous said…
Best of luck on your trip. I hope that it works out well for you and that you are able to enjoy it. They do have Internet, right?
Amanda said…
Yep they have Internet :) so if we move there I can keep blogging from there lol
Just wanted you to know, you're not alone in the "never leave my child" world! The only time I've left mine overnight was when I gave birth to their brothers! Hope the job works out for your hubby. I've always wondered what homeschooling in Alaska would be like!