Soon to be back to our regularly schedualed program

Yep....Hopefully soon we will be back to our regularly scheduled program of homeschooling! We leave Tuesday morning for Alaska and with good luck we will be in our new home Wed night. Please pray that everything goes smoothly.

Dh starts his new job on Sept. 7th, and I am looking forward to so many things in our new life, starting our homeschool year, having our own space again, the sweeping and majestic beauty of the island... but the thing I am looking forward to the most is the stirrings God has put in my heart recently. He is drawing me closer to him, putting it in my heart to steer our family towards him. I have been thinking of so much, that it is hard to put into words...but I will try

I have been thinking that the consumerism and materialism that so engulfs this world and wraps up so much of our life, takes us away from God and his message. Not just takes us away, but actually serves in place of him. Money and things have become our God. I feel I am being called to make a change in my life. To simplify. To become mindful and attune. To live an authentic life. I do not yet fully understand what this means. What God is calling me to do. But I feel him at work. I feel his hand on our lives...and I am so excited about where he is taking us. I have faith, fully a heart of faith for the first time in my life.

I am still in the process of understanding. But I am so excited to begin this journey!


Colleen said…
Such a beautiful, hopeful and encouraging post. I often feel the same as you and it does my heart good to see that I am not the only one.:)
God bless you on this new process and journey.