So....we are moving Unalaska. Yep, DH was offered and accepted the job last week. We are leaving here end of this month, so I have a ton to do. It's not an easy move....we have to ship everything as it has to be either flown in or sent by boat because there are no roads onto the island. So we have to have my car shipped. Luckily Dh will have use of a company car there for 6 months, so he will then buy one up there use shipping 2 cars, way to expensive.
We will continue homeschooling A for now. They do have a preschool at the school, and the school has been really good to DH's new bosses son with grade skipping him several times, but it appears early entrance into K is not something they do. And even then, I don't know how that would work a year from now when she is already currently on a 1st/2nd Grade level. I don't know, so much just hits me when I try to think of her educational future, and i really wonder if any type of schooling will work for her besides homeschooling. And I just keep watching her get further and further ahead. Okay, enough rambling, but I will leave you with pics of the views from the windows of our new place in Unalaska.


Joyful Learner said…
Congratulations! JC is 4 but she's 1st/2nd level too. It would be nice if they were in a class together? Maybe they can be pen-pals? Or e-pals?
MommyWise said…
Wow! What a move! Good luck with the move going smoothly!