Headed on a trip.....

Ok, first off...I really need to download my pics on my camera tomorrow night of things we have been doing around here. I have 2 great posts...one about the Louisiana wildlife we have been experiencing, and the other one of homeschooling pics with A, but seeing as it is almost midnight here, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

For tonight, the news is Dh and I are headed to Alaska in a week and a half, sans A. And not just anywhere in AK, but to an island in the middle of the Bearing Sea. The only way on or off is by plane, or a ferry that seasonally runs once a month. I will miss A, she has never been away from us, so this will be hard on all of us, but I need to go. Dh has been talking to a company there and they are bring us up. I am trying to wrap my mind around life there, and well it is hard to imagine. I think I would love it. I really do, but that's what this trip is for I guess. To find out what it's like not to be able to drive to the nearest bigger town for stores, shopping, etc. To not be able to leave the island on a whim. The price of a flight for one person from Louisiana is nearly $2500!!!

So at this time next week, I will be packing my winter clothes- the highs right now there are in the 50's compared to triple digits here. What and experience!