SNOW DAY!....Part 3

SNOW DAY!...Part 3

After lunch and making snow ice cream, we headed back out for some more fun in the snow. 

I had shoveled a clear spot on the porch earlier, but all the feet of snow that had been resting on the roof decided to foil all my hard work and crash down. Welcome over 4 feet of snow! How nice of you to give me a chance to shovel again! LOL

Well at least A had fun.

Monster face!
We took Bella out this time. She has to stay on her leash around the house. I don't know why, but we can take her out in the tundra and she will ALWAYS come when called...around the house, she completely ignores us, and I did not feel like trying to chase her through thigh deep snow. As it is she had to hop like a jack rabbit or basically swim through the snow. She loved it.
 Hmm...can you tell what she is thinking of doing in this pic?

...I also got snow  down my back while I wasn't paying attention. Evil LOL!

Best buds enjoying some play. Bella likes to eat snow, so A obliges her and throws it in her face.

On the table in our play area...
 not much of a jump today!

A helped me to shovel us a path.
 There we go...we can get the door closed now!

 Happy Snow Day!


Sandra said…
My word that is a lot of snow....goodness.

She looks like she had such a blast in the snow :)