A peek into our day

A peek into our school day. The first day back to our daily routine last week after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I am blessed to be able to spend these moments of learning with my daughter and not be waving her off as she hops on the bus heading back to school after a holiday break. I breath in the small things and smile.

pizza math- multiplication practice
our sleeping school mascot
 forming plural nouns

 13 colonies map work
A comfy spot and a good book, nothing better!


must say your daughter is a very neat write for her age. It's also very interesting the variety of things you do to not make it boring for her.

Gill in Canada
Amanda said…
Thanks Gill :) She has always had very good handwriting for her age. I think that the fact she loves to write helps, because she has forever been writing notes for me and stories and adding captions to her drawings, so she gets lots of practice. I definitely spend a good deal of time preparing ideas to keep things rolling so there isn't boredom. I hope you are doing well. I always enjoy your comments.