Colonial jobs and Benjamin Franklin

We've been busy continuing our study of colonial times. This week we focused on colonial jobs as well as our important colonial person of the week- Ben Franklin.

A learned all about the many different jobs needed to keep a colonial town running with this book that I downloaded onto her I-Pad. 
After reading it, we put her knowledge to the test with this worksheet (which frankly I have no clue where I found it...somewhere when I was googling late one night I am sure).
I then asked A to pick a job that she would like to have done if she lived in colonial times, and write about it in first person. She asked if it had to be a job women could do, or could she pick anything. Of course I said any job she wanted, so she choose to be a cooper- also known as a barrel maker. LOL.

Today she worked on a poster project of Benjamin Franklin. She finished reading the biography "Who Was Ben Franklin?"

She worked for a long time on this and completed it entirely on her own. She was very proud and I think she did an amazing job on it. She gave a great report to go along with it. I learned several things I did not know about Ben Franklin today.
 ...a few close ups of the poster

 And just for some added fun, a little white board doodle from A of a Brownie Girl Scout holding both the American and Alaskan flags.
Tomorrow we are dipping candles...stay tuned, this is going to be fun!


Sandra said…
Now THAT is the kind of lesson we colonial times.

And the candle dipping??? Can't wait to hear all about that :)
Amanda said…
Thanks Sandra. I am having so much fun studying it with her.