Beautiful days and sledding fun

Well it is blowing outside something fierce right now, but we did have some amazing days in the last week or so. The last few days my mom was her were particularly spectacular. Here is a shot of the city from my window. Just absolutely gorgeous isn't it?
 But it's nothing compared to this gorgeous girl. Sporting her now shirt from Nana and hat and scarf set from my cousin Tiff.

 We headed out to lunch that day, but stopped and took a few pics on the way. 

Well, my mom left Thursday of last week. And it snowed even more after she made it home. Saturday Dh, A, and I headed out with some friends to do some serious sledding. It was perfect weather for it...not to cold, and best of all.....NO wind! Woo Hoo!!!

 The light was beautiful. Muted, soft, reflecting off the snow covered hills.
 The girls had a great time exploring all the old WWII bunkers....
and even found the perfect one to play house in.
 Even us adults got in on the sledding fun. Here's dh and Bella doing a little sledding.
 And Kerry and I decided to hit the slope together on the tobagan. It was awesome.
 Unfortunately I have a feeling all the snow will be melted tomorrow with the rain that had been falling all day and is continuing to pound the windows. Sigh. Hopefully we will have lots more this winter to play in.