SNOW DAY!....Part 1

2 days ago almost all the snow except in the high elevation had melted....yesterday it started again. It snowed, and snowed, and snowed. We even got a blizzard warning. 
This morning I woke up to this. 
No wind, but still snowing...almost 2 feet at this point.

The kids here still had school (our town NEVER cancels, not even last year when we had 3 inches of ice.), but I made the decision that A and I would have a snow day. Ah the joy of homeschooling!

It was gorgeous outside. This is the most snow this southern girl has ever seen in one snowfall! A and I just had so much fun.

Look at that snow!
A even tried her hand with the camera. She snapped a pretty good pic of me.
We found little dins to play in. We are blessed to have some of the few trees on the island right here in our yard. They create magical play areas.
After about 2 hours we headed in for lunch and to make snow ice cream!
Stay tuned to SNOW DAY!...Part 2