Salmon Netting and Eagle Fights

We have had a busy couple of days since we returned from vacation. DH was off till Thursday so on Wed we headed to the beach in the morning for a picnic lunch and to play. 

The otters were quite frisky this morning and were having a lot of fun frolicking in the sea.

The eagles were hanging out in their nests....
And A was having a good time playing outside.
Playing at the edge of the world. Beautiful and Fun!

We went out again that evening to meet a bunch of friends for a bonfire and to net some sockeye salmon. When we pulled up to the beach, the horses were right by the road. They had a really hard time this winter and several of them passed away, some of them are still really skinny. I hope they can get some weight back on them this summer.

Netting salmon is pretty cool. One end of the net has to be attached to the beach, the other to a bouy out in the water. You leave the net out for a bit and then pull it in with the fish.
While the guys worked, we all had a lot of fun hanging on the beach.

We headed back to clean the fish we caught, about 25 lbs of sockeye fillets in a little over an (that's about $600 worth of salmon that is now in my freezer) and the eagles went CRAZY!

A played in the park across the street while the guys worked, and then the eagles struck.....
"My fish! Back off!"
Suddenly over 50 eagles were swarming the park, fighting for a piece of the salmon this guy grabbed.

Trust me, eagle fights are loud!
They are amazing creatures though, and we are so blessed to live in a place were this is an everyday sight!