Happy Nutter Day

Happy Nutter Day! Today was a very special day, something we have been celebrating for 3 years now. When A was 2 she expressed that it was only fair if there was a mother's day and a father's day, that there should be a day for her as well. So the last day of May has since been dubbed Nutter Day.

It was a beautiful day for Nutter Day. We slept late, we headed to the library for some more good books, then went to Safeway and grabbed some lunch for our special day as well as a small present of Squinkies! After coming home and eating, we headed to the park to ride A's bike.
 She had a great time, but this summer we will be learning to ride without training wheels. I think this will be a daddy thing as he has way more patience than I do on these type of things :)
 The sun tried to squeeze past the clouds a little more and we decided that it was finally warm enough (and prayed that Monday's snow and ice was the last for the season), so we Finally got the garden ready.
 We planted potatoes, broccoli, and spinach. Very Very excited. The potatoes and spinach did GREAT last year, so hopefully we will get a good crop this year. I also have a few more potatoes to plant and some radishes, a different type of spinach, and some strawberries. I hope to get all of these planted by the weekend :) Can you tell A had fun?

 More worms of course sweetened the deal of helping get the beds ready :) By the end she had over 30 crawling around.

 Figuring she was already muddy, what's a little more right? So A decided that it was mud pie making time.

 She got busy setting up a restaurant for me, and named herself Naomi and  said she would be my waitress for the day. LOL She cracks me up.
 My deliciously yummy mud pies!
It was a great Nutter Day.  We had a lot of fun, grilled out with Dh when he got home from work and the we all watch Mary Poppins, read our books, and she is tucked in to her sleeping bag, sleeping tonight in her clubhouse in her bedroom. She went to bed with a smile on my face, which always makes my day end happy.

So what about you? Do you have any unique family traditions? Our librarian was telling us that where she came from in Mexico, there is a children's day April 30th. She though Nutter day was a wonderful idea and gave Ansley extra stickers for the occasion :)


ms nancy said…
I had a similar day with my son. Being the only boy in a house with four strong and talkative females was a challenge for him. So we created Boy Day and did something special for him every year when it rolled around
. The girls never complained that they did not have a girl day. I attribute this to their absolute love for their little brother and to a self-awareness that most of the time they dominated in the household.
Heather said…
Happy Nutter Day!!! That's cute! No traditions here other than the norm. I planted seeds a couple weeks ago and they didn't sprout - don't know if it was too hot/cold or too wet. So, we'll be replanting seeds this weekend. I'm hoping we get a harvest as it got cold quick last year and everything died. OR, I'll figure out a way to insulate my greenhouse to extend the season. That's what greenhouses are for right?? Talk to you soon!