A perfect ending to the week

I was hoping for sun Friday morning. I really wanted to take A and head out to the creek and have school outside, but the clouds hung around till evening when the sun decided to try to make its way through. It was still chilly with the sun playing peek-a-boo, but we needed to get out, so we headed out to Morris Cove for a little bonfire action.

It really is just beautiful here. I love the vast expanse of sky, sea, and mountains. I feel so small, yet so connected with the earth. The way the light plays with the clouds is magical.
 It is finally starting to green up. It's such a slow process, and is only noticeable when you are looking close to your surroundings. There is still so much of the brown winter grass that the new growth must fight through, that when you look at the expanse of hills you still see a sea of brown....but it is coming.
 We decided to leave the roasting over the fire for Saturday night, and stopped at Safeway for some fried chicken. A decided her's needed warming up :)

My precious girl. 

 Lots of fun, but then it was time for one last look at the breathtaking view before packing up....
 ...making Bella stop swimming....
 ...and putting out the fire.

 It was a great night. Relaxing, rejuvenating, soul quenching.... Especially perfect when one of the herds of wild horses decided to grace us with there presence. A quick sprint through our lives as they galloped by.

A perfect ending to the week.