The "Real Alaska" part 3- Exit Glacier

After experiencing all there was to see and do at the Alaska Sea Life Center, we decided to head on over to Kenai Fjords National Park and learn about glaciers.

They had an amazing visitors center that they just opened a few weeks ago. It was amazing and we really learned a lot about glaciers. It was also a really eye opening experience visiting the park. As you hike you will occasionally see a brown sign post with a number on 1916, that point is where the glacier reached that year. It has reseeded so much, and has definitely spread up in recent years. We were amazed at where the glacier was just in 2004, less that 10 years ago. Definitly made me think if I am doing my part to reduce my impact on this world.

Anyway, let's get on with the pics which I know you are all waiting for!

Before the hike, A explored the nature center and learned how glaciers form and many other interesting tidbits of knowledge.

 We finally got a move on it and headed out on the trail. Being on the look out for bears of course after seeing the sign posted that 3 black bears had been spotted earlier about 300 yards of one of the trails. It was about a 3 mile hike round trip, but A did great with frequent breaks. She just really enjoyed being outside.

 The first sight of the Exit Glacier. 

An absolutely once in a lifetime experience. You feel so small here, looking at the glaciers, and mountains, and vast sky...all of which have been in existence millions of years before you, and will hopefully be still there generations after you.
A wonderful day!